TGSS provides a leadership team that is customer focused and experienced in business administrations and management. The Operations Manager has a BSC Hons degree in Management, Innovation and Technology and he has more than 23 years’ experience in manufacturing, building and quality assurance.

The Office Manager has 15 years’ experience in office administration from two of the biggest corporate companies in South Africa. Understanding the customer needs and designing a unique experience for each customer to ensure customer satisfaction as the highest priority. Empowering the front-line employees by ensuring consistent training and development for all the employees of TGSS. Using metrics that matter to each individual client and providing written feedback for each project and job to drive the process of continuous improvement and to create the atmosphere of positive evolution for TGSS.


TGSS uses the SANS 10400 (The Application for Nation Building Regulations) standard as a guideline for all work carried and every part of the building or maintenance processes are based on these principles.

The Operations Manager is a lead internal auditor and well versed in the Integrated Management System and therefore it is only a minimum requirement that TGSS provides a written report for each project and job done with before and after photographs that is presented to the client before sign off can be done. This is part of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control mechanism.


To be the leading service provider of construction, renovations and maintenance services in Gauteng and surrounding areas by providing quality workmanship and unapparelled customer service that will enhance a customer centric experience.



Our mission is to provide high quality professional home renovations and construction services and products to proud homeowners and clients.
We transform our client’s lives by improving their standard of living and life style in their own homes.

We deliver quality work, use quality materials and do the projects on time and on budget –

We are professional, respectful and fair to all our clients, employees and suppliers
By involving best practices in project management and scheduling, we are trustworthy, reliable and consistently deliver a worry-free service and a pleasant experience to our clients.

We create a positive and healthy work environment and encourage our team members to reach their full potential but also expect them to be responsible and accountable for their work



Safety first. Never Compromise.
Strategically Thinks and Acts. We have built an agile, responsive culture that focuses on
our client’s needs and provides customized solutions with certainty of completion.

Passion for the industry and the client.
Integrity, Honesty and Trust always never ever compromise.
Right People to do the Right Job.
Teamwork makes the Dream work.

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